How do you clean fake hydrangeas?



Recently, fake indoor plants and flowers have gained immense popularity as a preferred option for adorning homes and office spaces. They are low-maintenance, cost-effective, and long-lasting, making them a great alternative to real plants. However, in order to maintain their fresh and new appearance, making it essential to clean them on a regular basis to preserve their realistic look.


Gentle laundry detergent cleans most plastic and vinyl flowers and plants easily. However, do not use this method with your silk flowers because the dyes can bleed.



Sink of hot or warm water

Gentle detergent

Microfiber washcloth

Clothesline and clips

Trash bag


Mix a tablespoon of detergent into the water, swirling to mix.

Plants that are not potted should be immersed in the water.

Allow them to sit for a minute, then gently swirl them in the water.

Pottted plants need to be covered with the trash bag. Tie it tightly around the base so nothing falls out. Then dunk the plant upside down into the water and gently swirl to remove dirt and grime.

Carefully wipe any remaining dirt off the plants using the washcloth.

Hang plants by the stems upside down from a clothesline using clips; allow potted plants to dry with the trash bag in place to protect the potting materials from dripping water.


Cleaning Artificial Silk Flowers With Salt

Salt is abrasive without being damaging. Use it to remove dirt and grime from your artificial silk flowers.



1/2 cup of salt

Plastic trash bag, pillowcase, or large resealable bag


Put the salt into the trash bag.

Place the silk flowers in the trash bag.

Close the bag tightly.

Gently shake the flowers and salt for up to five minutes.

Open bag and remove flowers.


White Vinegar and Lemon Juice to Clean Plants

Combining lemon juice and vinegar into a homemade cleaner is a quick and easy way to care for your artificial plants. Again, if using on cloth florals, test a small area to make sure the color doesn’t bleed before doing all the blooms.



1 cup of vinegar

2 cups of water

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

Spray bottle

2 soft microfiber cloths


Mix the vinegar, water, and lemon juice together in a spray bottle.

Spray your green plants and wipe down leaves and greenery using the cloth.

If needed, use the second cloth to finish wiping and drying the leaves.


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