Do Barcode Scanners Use Infrared?

In the world of modern technology, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. Barcode scanners, the unassuming devices found in retail stores, warehouses, and various industries, are no exception. These devices decode the familiar black and white lines into actionable information, but have you ever wondered about the technology behind their precision? One question that often arises is whether barcode scanners use infrared technology. In this article, we delve into the role of infrared technology in barcode scanning and its implications for accuracy and functionality.


Understanding Infrared Technology


Infrared (IR) technology involves the use of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. While humans cannot perceive infrared radiation with the naked eye, specialized devices, such as sensors and cameras, can detect and interpret it. Infrared technology has found application in various fields, from remote controls to night vision systems.

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Barcode Scanners and Infrared


Yes, many barcode scanners utilize infrared technology as part of their operation. Infrared light serves several crucial functions within barcode scanning devices, enhancing their accuracy and capabilities.


1. Illumination: Infrared light is often used to illuminate the barcode itself. When a barcode scanner emits an infrared light onto the barcode, the contrast between the dark lines and light spaces of the barcode becomes more pronounced. This contrast makes it easier for the scanner’s sensors or cameras to detect and capture the pattern accurately.


2. Auto-Focus and Image Enhancement: Infrared light can be employed to aid in auto-focusing and image enhancement in barcode scanners, especially those using camera-based imaging technology. By projecting an infrared light onto the barcode, the scanner can determine the optimal focus point quickly and ensure that the captured image is sharp and clear.


3. Ambient Light Rejection: Infrared technology helps barcode scanners reject ambient or natural light sources that might interfere with accurate barcode reading. By using infrared light sources that are outside the visible spectrum, barcode scanners can filter out unwanted light and focus solely on the reflections from the barcode.


4. Scanning Range Enhancement: Infrared technology can extend the effective scanning range of barcode scanners. Infrared light sources can emit light that travels longer distances without scattering or losing intensity, allowing scanners to read barcodes from a greater distance or in challenging lighting conditions.


Types of Infrared Light


Barcode scanners may use different types of infrared light sources depending on the specific application and technology used:


1. Near-Infrared (NIR): Near-infrared light has wavelengths just beyond the visible spectrum. NIR technology is commonly used in barcode scanners for illumination and enhancing image quality, particularly in camera-based imaging scanners.


2. Infrared Laser Diodes: Infrared laser diodes emit coherent light in the infrared range. These laser diodes are used in laser barcode scanners to create a focused and intense light beam that enhances the contrast between barcode lines and spaces.


Benefits of Infrared Technology in Barcode Scanning


Incorporating infrared technology into barcode scanners brings several benefits:


Enhanced Accuracy: Infrared illumination improves the contrast of the barcode, leading to more accurate data capture and decoding.


Improved Efficiency: Infrared technology aids in auto-focusing and image enhancement, ensuring quick and clear barcode scanning, even in challenging conditions.


Expanded Applications: The use of infrared technology extends the scanning range and versatility of barcode scanners, allowing them to function effectively in various environments.




In conclusion, infrared technology plays a significant role in enhancing the accuracy, functionality, and efficiency of barcode scanners. From illuminating barcodes to aiding in auto-focusing and rejecting ambient light, infrared technology contributes to the impressive capabilities of modern barcode scanning devices. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations that leverage the power of infrared light to drive even greater precision and reliability in barcode scanning applications. We are a barcode scanner supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!


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